Worship & Praise Center

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Pastors Raymond and Elizabeth Colon have been walking with the Lord since 1976. From their conversion they went under the wings of “Richie Ray Christian Ministries”. Through the mentorship of Pastors Bobby Cruz and Richie Ray they started their discipleship.  They received their calling from God in 1978 to go into full time ministry.  Together with their pastors and families they went as missionaries to Colorado to work with the “Nicky Cruz Outreach” ministry.


 In 1980 along with Pastors Bobby and Richie they helped found the church “Casa De Alabanza” in the city of Miami.  Four and a half years later they came to the city of Orlando with the vision of branching out the ministry in this city.  


After much prayer the vision was birthed in 1987 with a small youth group meeting in their home. Worship and Praise Center has just celebrated their 25th anniversary.